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Jeff Patton’s story mapping

When I heard people talking about “story mapping” I was intrigued. Especially as they explained it as a way to bring user stories to life. A user story is a simple but very effective tool to help design and develop (online) products, taking into account the end-user perspective. A story is typically written up in […]

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Rdio vs. Spotify: when it comes to user experience, the first round is for Rdio

Last year I wrote about Rdio, about its affiliate programme and data partnerships respectively. At the time, Rdio was only available in the US and my interaction with its streaming service was therefore limited. I had heard, however, that its user experience design (‘UX’) was great. I have now had a chance to try Rdio […]

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DRM free ebooks!? It is going to happen …

Last year I wrote about J.K. Rowling, author of the immensely successful “Harry Potter” series, breaking out of the traditional publishing mould by offering Harry Potter ebooks through her own site. Another interesting recent development within the ebook world is digital publishers slowly starting to drop digital rights management (‘DRM’) from their ebooks. The main […]

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Being able to say “sorry” – a great example by Balsamiq

I guess people’s (in) ability to say “sorry” is not unique to the digital landscape. However, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to see that the web and social media have made mistakes and public relations disasters a lot more public and transparent. I am always particularly interested in one’s ability to hold […]

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Cadillac and the promise of its new infotainment system

Not that I ever would be able to afford one (or be able to properly reverse park it), I got very excited about driving a Cadillac this week. Not because of its great looks, slick interior or amazing rims, but purely since Cadillac just announced Cadillac User Experience (CUE). These are the main things worth […]