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Book review: Ask Your Developer

“The truth is that most software is pretty simple. It’s what developers call CRUD applications: Create, Read, Update, Delete. Most apps online are forms that let the user input data, modify data, report out data, or delete data. Nearly every website or mobile app you’ve ever used is 95 percent CRUD operations. This isn’t rocket […]

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Product review: Superhuman

My summary of Superhuman before using it? I expect an email service, similar to Google’s Gmail, but stronger on user experience and security. How does Superhuman explain itself in the first minute? When I go to the Superhuman website I see a promise of “The fastest email experience ever made”, followed by a call to […]

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Learning about in app chat support

I recently came across a product called “Gladly” which triggered me to learn more about their product and the space they operate in. Gladly offer in app chat support and I subsequently learned about competitors like Intercom, Zendesk, LiveAgent, Freshdesk, Hubspot and Ada. These are some of the things I learned from looking at their […]

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My product management toolkit (45): Sales Safari

If you feel that doing customer interviews might not give you the learnings that you’re looking for or that you want to add a new source of customer insights, then it might be worth going on a “Sales Safari”. Sales Safari is an online audience research method developed by Amy Hoy. Sales Safari is about […]

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Product review: Stitch Fix

My summary of Stitch Fix before using it? I expect Stitch Fix to offer second hand clothing, but that’s purely based on the name 🙂 Alternatively, you can use Stitch Fix to get your existing clothing items repaired. How does Stitch Fix explain itself in the first minute? When I download the Stitch Fix iOS […]