Working With Me

I’m Marc Abraham, an experienced product person, interested in everything digital. I’ve worked for a large number of successful digital organisations, at Intercom, ASOS and WorldFirst among others. You can find my learnings in my blog titled “As I learn” and my books “My Product Management Toolkit” and “Managing Product = Managing Tension”.

Having built eCommerce, Fintech, digital content and SaaS products I now work with organisations and individuals to enable them to deliver customer value whilst achieving business results. Reach out to me if you want to work with me:

Want to transition from individual contributor to product leader?

Together we will explore how to evolve from being an individual contributor to a product leader.  We will cover the different roles and responsibilities and put in place some practical tools and techniques.  You will then be well equipped to apply or transition into your next senior product role.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the product manager role?

Starting out as a product manager can feel overwhelming; you are new to the product or organisation and want to get started quickly on product discovery and implementation. Sharing tried and tested tools & techniques I can provide you with a foundational toolkit to help set you up for success as a product manager. I do this through tailored 1:1 sessions and public workshops.

Need to hire and onboard your first product person?

Whether you are a startup or a more established company, B2B or B2C, hiring your first product person can feel like a big step. I help companies with the hiring and onboarding of product managers, drafting job specs, designing an effective interview process and conducting interviews. Having interviewed and hired many successful product people, I advise companies on what to look out for and how to ensure you hire the right talent for the right problems to be solved.

Want to become more strategic with your product or portfolio?

Through tailored workshops I assist stakeholders with  the crafting of a product vision and how to prioritise the strategic milestones to achieve it. We will then translate this product strategy into a roadmap that feels ambitious yet feasible, fully aligned with company goals. These workshops are particularly popular with startups that wish to add more strategic direction to their product development activities.

Need help with your end-to-end product development?

Bring your specific challenges to my workshops and 1:1 sessions for help and coaching. Whether the challenges are around product discovery or implementation, I can help overcome them by offering practical advice or hands on help such as conducting user interviews or facilitating prioritisation sessions. 

Want a fresh perspective on your product development process?

Using a simple but effective health check process, I work with companies to see what can be improved or optimised with respect to discovering and implementing product ideas. Doing this through the lens of people – product – process, I provide companies with actionable insights that can be implemented quickly and easily.

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