I enjoy speaking about all things product management, and interacting with anyone passionate about creating great products and delighting customers. Here are some examples of previous talks that I’ve given:

“Managing Frustrations = Managing Products”

In this talk, I provide an honest overview of the frustrations I and lots of our peers feel when building and managing products. Sharing the emotions I often feel throughout the product management process, I also offer numerous practical tips on how to best manage your frustrations.

“Can a Product Career Be Planned?”

My career thus far is a clear case in point that a career in product management can’t be planned. Having started professional career as a corporate lawyer, I outline how I zig zagged my way into product management and what I’ve learned along the way.

“Why Jay-Z Would Make a Great Product Manager”

Don’t think Jay-Z would make a great product manager?! Think again! In this talk I look at the traits and behaviours that make ‘Hova’ a strong product person, and examine how you and I can be a bit more like him.

“The Product Manager is Your Best Friend”

Busting some common myths about product managers, I make a case for cross-functional working and the product manager becoming your best friend. Introducing “The Product Loop”, I explain how we can best collaborate, whether it’s at the ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘how’ or ‘solve’ stage of this loop.

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