I’m the author of two books, writing about all things product management: how we can all develop a product mindset and work collaborative on creating great products.

“My Product Management Toolkit”

“My Product Management Toolkit” explores the roles and responsibilities of a product manager.

You’re not a project manager nor are you a ‘product janitor’, so what are you?!

The book covers the hygiene factors for every product managers, outlines what makes a good product person and offers a wide range of practical tools and techniques that you can use in on a day -to-day basis when managing products.

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“Managing Product = Managing Tension”

In “Managing Product = Managing Tension” I look at the challenging aspects of managing products and how to best deal with these challenges.

Whether it’s the stakeholders that you’re interacting with or the uncertainty that you or your product is navigating, product management is filled with tensions.

By the end of “Managing Product = Management Tension” you should feel comfortable identifying tension and be in a better position to actually make the most of tension!

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