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Book review: Never Split The Difference

Negotiation is an often undervalued skill for product managers. Whether we want to get budget to go after a specific market opportunity or need to push back on a specific request, we need to be strong negotiators to navigate certain scenarios effectively. Who better to learn from about negotiation than a former FBI hostage negotiator?! […]

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My Product Management Toolkit (46): making decisions

Being able to make decisions or motivate others to make decisions is a core part of being a product manager. On a day to day basis, product managers are face with decisions in relation to the products they manage. Think about the last time you had to make a prioritisation decision or needed to decide […]

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Product review: Superhuman

My summary of Superhuman before using it? I expect an email service, similar to Google’s Gmail, but stronger on user experience and security. How does Superhuman explain itself in the first minute? When I go to the Superhuman website I see a promise of “The fastest email experience ever made”, followed by a call to […]

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Product review: Coda

My summary of Coda before using it? A document sharing product, plain and simple. Probably similar to Google Docs, making it easy for people to share information and collaborate. How does Coda explain itself in the first minute? “Enough of this sheet” reads the strap-line above the fold on Coda’s homepage, followed by “It’s time […]

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My product management toolkit (45): Sales Safari

If you feel that doing customer interviews might not give you the learnings that you’re looking for or that you want to add a new source of customer insights, then it might be worth going on a “Sales Safari”. Sales Safari is an online audience research method developed by Amy Hoy. Sales Safari is about […]