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“Obviously Awesome” (Book Review)

When I first came across the book “Obviously Awesome”, I was a bit sceptical; “not another book on positioning?!” and “how applicable will this book be?!” However, April Dunford, the author of “Obviously Awesome”, often shares great insights about the world of product marketing, and I was keen to read her thoughts about product positioning. […]

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Book review: Ask Your Developer

“The truth is that most software is pretty simple. It’s what developers call CRUD applications: Create, Read, Update, Delete. Most apps online are forms that let the user input data, modify data, report out data, or delete data. Nearly every website or mobile app you’ve ever used is 95 percent CRUD operations. This isn’t rocket […]

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Book review: “Never Split The Difference”

Negotiation is an often undervalued skill for product managers. Whether we want to get budget to go after a specific market opportunity or need to push back on a specific request, we need to be strong negotiators to navigate certain scenarios effectively. Who better to learn from about negotiation than a former FBI hostage negotiator?! […]

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Book review: “Continuous Discovery Habits” by Teresa Torres

I’ve been following Teresa Torres and her work for a good few years, so I was very excited when she published “Continuous Discovery Habits: Discover Products That Create Customer Value and Business Value” earlier this year. In “Continuous Discovery Habits” Torres explains the value of continuous discovery and describes the best way to implement a […]

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Book review: “Hiring Product Managers”

Hiring good product people can be a challenge, particularly because I feel that no product management role is exactly the same, with the needs and expectations of a product role varying per organisation (largely dependent on the product or the incumbent view of product management within an organisation). I was therefore excited to come across […]