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“Genchi genbutsu” and continuous improvement

When one wants to learn more about “lean”, then it is almost impossoible to avoid the ‘Toyota way’. The Japanese car manufacturer has a strong reputation when it comes to continuous improvement (“kaizen“) and ‘lean’ manufacturing. Eric Ries has made a quite a name for himself by applying the ‘lean’ methodology to startups, with many […]

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What are the key principles of “Test Driven Development”?

The other day I was talking about Test Driven Development (‘TDD’) like one talks about a favourite football team or a popular artist. However, It was only halfway through the conversation that I realised that I would struggle to explain TDD to non-techie people and that it would be good to delve a bit deeper […]

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Always good to learn about product management – 5 things to think about

The other day I read this piece by Joseph Puopolo a Canadian blogger and VP Marketing & Business Development at StickerYou, with extensive experience in marketing and product management. In his latest blog post Puopolo shares his thoughts about “5 Things a Good Product Manager Should Think About”. Having just started a new product manager role […]

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Lessons learnt from Marc Andreesen: making your own cake and eating it

It’s always interesting to read Marc Andreesen’s thoughts on things. As a co-founder of browser firm Netscape and investor in Internet success stories like Zynga, Twitter, LinkedIn and Groupon I find that Andreesen tends to have a good overall perspective on things, being familiar with the world of startups as well as with that of established […]

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Learning from Ken Judy about instilling Agile values

The other day I listened to a podcast with Ken Judy about Agile, incremental product development. As a VP of Engineering at US publisher Simon and Schuster, it was interesting to hear him talking about him and his team instilling a culture of iterative development within the business. I then found a draft for a talk […]