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Book review: “The Lean Entrepreneur”

At first, when I picked up “The Lean Entrepreneur” I was slightly skeptical. I wondered how much new stuff I was going to learn from yet another book on “lean” practices. However, this book by Patrick Vlaskovits and Brant Cooper does provide a lot of interesting case studies and practical tools to implement. “The Lean Entrepreneur” can provide […]

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How to do effective user interviews?

A few years ago, I did a really useful online class on user interviews, which was instructed by Julie Blitzer. Julie is an experienced UX designer/strategist who shared some great learnings and tips on how to best do qualitative user interviews. This is the main thing that I learned from Julie’s session: Yes, you guessed it […]

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My learnings from Lean Day London ’14

Two weeks ago, I attended the London edition of Lean Day, a 2-day event dedicated to “changing the way products are built”. Put together by Jeff Gothelf and his colleagues at Neo, it was first time this event was being held in London. The main theme of Lean Day was around improving the way in which we create […]

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Ben Essen and The Quantified Self

The other day I heard a few people use the term “quantified self”. Through Wikipedia I learned that the quantified self stands for “a movement to incorporate technology into data acquisition on aspects of a person’s daily life in terms of inputs, states, and performance.” In other words, this is all about quantifying peoples’ lives and behaviours, […]

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Some considerations regarding data-driven design

Whilst slightly struggling with identifying the most effective measurements for my own product I’m nevertheless learning lots of new things about when (not) to use data in developing products. I’ve been learning more about data-driven product design and some of the key things to consider when using data to inform your product decisions: Measuring events – What […]