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What to expect from iOS 8?

Last week, Apple spent a large part of its keynote at WWDC 2014 talking about iOS 8, its new operating system for its handheld devices. These are the main features that we can look forward to as part of iOS 8: Touch ID – Apple’s “Touch ID” fingerprint recognition system is currently only available on iPhone 5S […]

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Book review: “Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love”

Marty Cagan is a legend. Period. He’s a legend in the world of product management anyway. I’ve been to a number of events over the past few years where Marty either was a keynote speaker or acted as a ‘judge’, reviewing the product pitches of fellow product people who nervously presented to this ‘product guru’. What […]

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What to expect from Amazon’s anticipatory shipping patent?

Earlier this year Amazon patented its “anticipatory shipping” solution, which basically comes down to Amazon shipping products even before customers have ordered them. Amazon will use an algorithm to pre-determine things that people want to buy, based on a mix of data including previous purchases, questionnaires, wish lists, browsing data, demographic data, etc. Even though […]

Agile Book Reviews Data Digital Strategy Measuring Product Management Startups

Book review: “The Lean Entrepreneur”

At first, when I picked up “The Lean Entrepreneur” I was slightly skeptical. I wondered how much new stuff I was going to learn from yet another book on “lean” practices. However, this book by Patrick Vlaskovits and Brant Cooper does provide a lot of interesting case studies and practical tools to implement. “The Lean Entrepreneur” can provide […]

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Ben Essen and The Quantified Self

The other day I heard a few people use the term “quantified self”. Through Wikipedia I learned that the quantified self stands for “a movement to incorporate technology into data acquisition on aspects of a person’s daily life in terms of inputs, states, and performance.” In other words, this is all about quantifying peoples’ lives and behaviours, […]