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Google+: will it reignite Google’s battle with Facebook?

The game is on (again): Google is seriously trying to take on Facebook by launching Google+,  its own social media network. The question rises whether Google will be successful in its latest attempt to beat Facebook on its own turf. I started thinking about answering this question by reviewing Google’s previous (unsuccessful) attempts to overtake […]


What is Sony going to do next after the major PlayStation hack?

What can you do after discovering that hackers have gained access to personal details of more than 70m PlayStation users!? The PlayStation online network has been down since last week, after the discovery of a serious hacking incident. Even though the PlayStation blog claims that “there is no evidence at this stage that credit card data […]

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Facebook is going to do it: real-time targeted ads

Yesterday I learned about Facebook looking into rolling out targeted ads, aiming to utilise the vast amounts of real-time user information it has access to. I have to say, it is quite a scary prospect to think of Facebook monetising user data (think “Likes” and specific detailed demographic data): Real-time ads could be massive – […]

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From music discovery to music sharing

Tools like Shazam and Soundhound are great for discovering music. Call me geeky, but I do enjoy sitting in a coffeeshop finding out through using my phone what song is playing in the  background. Now that music search and discovery seem to have been nailed, the likes of Shazam and Soundhound have started exploring new […]

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What is HTML5 all about?

Last night I suddenly realised that I didn’t really know what “HTML5” was. I wasn’t devastated about it but I did feel it would be a good reason to learn a thing or two about HTML and HTML5. The story starts with Tim Berners-Lee inventing the World Wide Web in the early 1990s and subsequently […]