Storytelling is what we do

Storytelling is what we do as product managers. Whenever I talk about the importance of storytelling, I’m always at pains to stress that storytelling isn’t the same as lying or being liberal with the truth. When I think about storytelling, I think about selling the vision for a product or explaining the value of a […]

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Michael Margolis: “user research, quick and dirty” (1)

Why do I keep coming across businesses that struggle to engage with their (prospective) customers, to learn about their needs and behaviours? Too often for my liking, I hear comments like: “Marc, we’re a startup, we don’t have the time and budget to do customer research!”  “I’m not allowed to talk to customers.”  “In my […]

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I wrote a book! “My Product Management Toolkit” is out now

I wanted to share with loyal readers of my blog, details of my first book: “My Product Management Toolkit”. In the book, I’ve been building on some of the themes, tools and techniques which I’ve written about in my “As I learn” blog over the past eight years, with the aim of sharing more about […]

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Some good conversational UI examples to learn from

It was Dennis Mortensen – CEO/Founder of – who made me aware a few years ago of the concept of ‘invisible interfaces’. He talked about applications no longer needing a graphical user interface (GUI), taking “Amy” –’s virtual personal assistant as a good example (see Fig. 1 below). Fig. 1 – Amy,’s virtual assistant […]

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Lending revisited: Bond Street

Bond Street lends to small businesses that might typically struggle to get a loan from traditional banks. In a recent talk on a MIT Fintech course that I was doing, David Haber – Bond Street’s CEO/Founder – mentioned how Bond Street saw a clear niche in the market for small business loans and acted on it. […]