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CarStory and its ways to enhance your car inventory

The other day I came across CarStory. Since I’ve started with car comparison site carwow I’ll always keep an eye out for similar sites, changing the way in which consumer buy new or used cars. Given that I’m not a US based car dealer, my testing of the CarStory site and app is limited. I did, […]

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Discovering more about social collaboration software

Recently I found myself looking into the world of ‘enterprise collaboration’ tools. The key thing I love about such applications is the amount of transparency they offer. Suddenly, discussions, thoughts, suggestions and documents become a lot more visible and accessible. In a previous role I had worked a lot with tools like Jive and Basecamp and I’ve recently been […]

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Learning about the wearable technology space

When it comes to wearable technology, quite a lot of us will almost automatically think of Google Glass (and perhaps stop there). However, there are a lot more businesses out there that concentrate on some form of wearable technology. In this post I’ll highlight some good examples which I’ve come across recently: Jawbone – Jawbone has […]

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Book Review: “Mobile First”

“Mobile First” by Luke Wroblewski is a great introduction to designing web experiences that cater for both desktop and mobile devices. With a large number of people accessing the web on their mobile devices, “Mobile First” is all about designing user experiences beyond the confines of the desktop. Naturally, there’s likely to be overlap between the […]