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Site review: Carspring

I like cars. I like marketplaces. I worked at carwow. It’s fair to say that cars and marketplaces is a good combination for me. I was therefore very excited when I came across Carspring, a UK based marketplace for used cars. My initial thought was “why do we need another platform for selling and buying […]

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CarStory and its ways to enhance your car inventory

The other day I came across CarStory. Since I’ve started with car comparison site carwow¬†I’ll always keep an eye out for similar sites, changing the way in which consumer buy new or used cars. Given that I’m not a US based car dealer, my testing of the CarStory site and app is limited. I did, […]

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In-car platforms are growing, with Ford and GM opening up to developers

A while ago I wrote about Cadillac and its car infotainment system. Long hailed as one of the key digital trends for the next few years to come, it looks like in-car platforms are going to fulfil their promise this year. There are a few recent developments which clearly point into this direction: Launch of […]