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What to expect from iOS 8?

Last week, Apple spent a large part of its keynote at WWDC 2014 talking about iOS 8, its new operating system for its handheld devices. These are the main features that we can look forward to as part of iOS 8: Touch ID – Apple’s “Touch ID” fingerprint recognition system is currently only available on iPhone 5S […]

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What to expect from Amazon’s anticipatory shipping patent?

Earlier this year Amazon patented its “anticipatory shipping” solution, which basically comes down to Amazon shipping products even before customers have ordered them. Amazon will use an algorithm to pre-determine things that people want to buy, based on a mix of data including previous purchases, questionnaires, wish lists, browsing data, demographic data, etc. Even though […]

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My learnings from Lean Day London ’14

Two weeks ago, I attended the London edition of Lean Day, a 2-day event dedicated to “changing the way products are built”. Put together by Jeff Gothelf and his colleagues at Neo, it was first time this event was being held in London. The main theme of Lean Day was around improving the way in which we create […]

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What to do with Apple’s “iBeacon”?

The ‘iBeacon’ is Apple’s recent product which uses location-sensing technology to help extend location services within the iOS operating system. For example, with the help of an iBeacon an iOS device or other hardware can alert its (location based) apps when a user leaves or enters a certain location. Also, when a user is getting closer […]

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What on earth is “mob programming”!?

The other day I heard Woody Zuill – an Agile Coach at Hunter Industries in San Diego, US – speak about “mob programming”. At first, the simpleton in me thought this meant writing code dressed in fancy suits, wearing shady hats and stylish sunglasses … Woody corrected this presumption fairly swiftly: “mob programming” involves having […]