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How to find out find out about user needs and problems?

I wanted to learn more about Human-Computer Interaction and so I decided to do an online course by Scott Klemmer, an Associate Professor of Cognitive Science and Computer Science & Engineering at UC San Diego, and a Visiting Associate Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. Human-Computer Interaction (‘HCI’) is all about the study, design and planning […]

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Getting to grips with Stanford’s Design Thinking

Over the past summer I did an online course with Stanford University which was all about “Design Thinking”. Design Thinking is a fairly new approach, established at Stanford’s Institute of Design, and is all about improving design experiences through a collaborative and iterative approach. The key promise which underpins Design Thinking is its usage to tackle […]

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Book review: “Microinteractions: Designing with Details”

Interaction designer and author Dan Saffer recently published a book called “Microinteractions: Designing with Details”. As the title clearly suggests, this book is very much about those small interactions which make up a product or a feature. In fact, Saffer’s book is very much inspired by a quote from the famous American designer Charles Eames who believed […]