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App review: “Uncover”

A while ago I reviewed the OpenTable app, learning how OpenTable helps people to manage their restaurant bookings. I then came across Uncover, an iOS app which lets users “Discover and book London’s most desirable restaurants. Tonight.” The phrase “most desirable restaurants” sparked my interest. It will be good to see how Uncover’s focus on London’s top […]

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Learning to write copy for the Web

Copy. Words. We all need them. On a piece of paper. On your phone. On the Web. I recently decided to learn more about writing copy, particularly aimed at writing for the Web. The first question that I asked myself was “what makes effective copy?” From The 5P Approach to Copy that Crushes It by Copyblogger I […]

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CarStory and its ways to enhance your car inventory

The other day I came across CarStory. Since I’ve started with car comparison site carwow I’ll always keep an eye out for similar sites, changing the way in which consumer buy new or used cars. Given that I’m not a US based car dealer, my testing of the CarStory site and app is limited. I did, […]

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Site review:

Looking at eCommerce sites helps me to learn more about effective User Experience design and user journeys. I recently looked at, a UK website specialised in selling white goods. How did this site come to my attention? – I recently read a great article by David Kyle titled “What ecommerce managers can learn from” . […]

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App review: Meerkat

The other day is saw a discussion about whether Meerkat will or won’t last. Meerkat is a simple video app which lets people stream live to their Twitters. It launched about two weeks ago and has been talked about (and used) a lot since. Let’s do a quick review of the app: How did the app […]