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Book review: The Really Good Idea Test

In her latest book, Julia Shalet describes a test which will help in finding out whether your idea is worth pursuing: “The Really Good Idea Test”. I’ve known and worked with Julia for a good few years now, and she’s got a wealth of experience working with companies and teams on developing their ideas and […]


Storytelling is what we do

Storytelling is what we do as product managers. Whenever I talk about the importance of storytelling, I’m always at pains to stress that storytelling isn’t the same as lying or being liberal with the truth. When I think about storytelling, I think about selling the vision for a product or explaining the value of a […]

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Product review: Karat

My summary of Karat before using it? I know that Karat is geared towards influencers, people with followings on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. I’m probably not part of Karat’s target audience 🙂 How does Karat explain itself in the first minute? “The back card for creators” is the first thing I read […]

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Book review: Only the Paranoid Survive

Last year I reviewed “High Output Management” by the late Andrew Grove, in which he – among other things – writes about ‘the limiting step’; determining the things that have to happen on a schedule that’s absolute, and which can’t be moved. In “Only The Paranoid Survive: How to Exploit the Crisis Points that Challenge […]

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The ‘Tug of War’ Tension

Ever managed a product where it felt like there were lots of people involved, but all pulling in different directions?! The typical product lifecycle is riddled with tensions, and mostly caused by ourselves. In my latest book “Managing Product = Managing Tension” I cover the tensions that are likely to occur at the different stages […]