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Book review: “Thinking with Data”

It’s oh so easy to get immersed in analytics or big data sets without a clear idea of the questions one wants answered through data. The book Thinking with Data – How to Turn Information into Insights by Max Shron talks about how to get the most of data and how to go about looking for the […]

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Looking at key omni-channel analytics – Part 1

Over the past few weeks I’ve been learning about retailers and how they sell via a multitude of channels. The next thing for me now is to learn about some key omni-channel analytics. Let’s start with some questions to ask when measuring omni-channel retail and marketing: What is the impact of online channels on offline […]

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Learning about relational data models and databases

The other day I did a mini-course online about relational databases with Stanford Online. The course is taught by Stanford Professor Jennifer Widom and is aimed at relative database novices like me. Jennifer started off the course by providing some useful characteristics of a Database Management System (‘DBMS’): “Efficient, reliable, , convenient and safe multi-user […]

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Mr & Mrs Smith’s personalisation drive

I’m pretty familiar with recommendations and personalisation in media; companies like Spotify and Netflix specialise in providing their users with relevant content based on their -implicit and explicit- preferences. The other day, I found out about luxury online hotel booking site Mr & Mrs Smith starting to provide more personalised content to its customers. I looked into what […]

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Order Dynamics and omni-channel commerce

There are plenty of ‘big data’ analytics companies out there, particularly in the eCommerce space, but I was intrigued to find out more about a company called Order Dynamics. Order Dynamics’ strap line is pretty self-explanatory: “powering the new reality of retail: helping retailers activate commerce from first interaction to fulfilment”. The company offers a number of […]