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“Genchi genbutsu” and continuous improvement

When one wants to learn more about “lean”, then it is almost impossoible to avoid the ‘Toyota way’. The Japanese car manufacturer has a strong reputation when it comes to continuous improvement (“kaizen“) and ‘lean’ manufacturing. Eric Ries has made a quite a name for himself by applying the ‘lean’ methodology to startups, with many […]

Cloud Digital Strategy

IBM buys DemandTec – What does this deal tell us?

IBM’s recent acquisition of DemandTec sits within IBM’s “Smarter Commerce” initiative. This strategy is all about enabling businesses to quickly adjust prices, promotions and other marketing efforts by analysing online and in-store buying trends. One could argue that this deal is just a takeover like many others. However, these are some of the things about […]

Social Media Startups

Do you have Klout?

What is the appeal of Klout, a service which provides social media analytics that measures a user’s influence across their social network? The Klout Score uses data from a user’s social networks like Twitter and Facebook in order to measure: True Reach – This measures the number of people you influence. It concentrates on the people who […]


Location-based mobile marketing: brands knowing where you are

Imagine that you walk around the streets of London and receive a text message on your mobile to let you know that you’re approaching a Starbucks coffee shop and that you will get money off your first cup. Future music? Big Brother? Absolutely not. Location-based mobile marketing has taken off, especially since the popularity of […]

Social Media

Social media monitoring – brands want to know what’s going on

I’m learning about social media monitoring and it’s amazing to see how many different monitoring tools have sprung up over the last couple of years. Most tools out there seem to focus on “listening” or “filtering the noise.” What does this mean? People use social channels like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to talk and share […]