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App review: World First

How did World First come to my attention? – World First came to my attention when reviewing Azimo and Transferwise, another London-based money transfer service. A simple Google search to find Azimo and Transferwise competitors surfaced World First. I subsequently learnt that WorldFirst specialises in foreign exchange – the conversion of one country’s currency into another – […]

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Blockchain – what’s all the fuss about!?

I love how blockchain has quickly become something that applies to lots of different things; from blockchain applications for Airbnb  to loyalty rewards to solar panels. Blockchain is quickly becoming one of those buzzwords, so it was good to get some clarification in a recent episode of the “Breaking Banks” podcast. Blockchain started as a peer-to-peer electronic […]

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CommonBond, learning about marketplace lending

I recently came across CommonBond, an online student loan platform in the US, co-founded by David Klein. In a recent podcast, David explained how the idea for CommonBond came up when he himself had to get a loan to finance his Master’s Degree at Wharton Business School. When doing so, David discovered a few things: […]

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How TransferWise is changing the way in which we transfer money

TransferWise is one of those companies where you can just sniff groundbreaking success. TransferWise is a London-based peer-to-peer money transfer service which was started in January 2011. Earlier this week, the company was in the news because of rumoured discussions with well known Silicon Valley venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, which could result in a valuation […]