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Setting the record straight through ICorrect

“Setting the record straight” is what promises to do. This site was officially launched earlier this week to give people and organisations a chance to correct any information about themselves that they believe to be untrue. Sir David Tang, the founder of ICorrect, believes that 99% of what’s written on the Internet is based on […]

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How robust will Netflix’ business model turn out to be?

The acquisition of Lovefilm by Amazon has really got me interested in this business of online DVD rentals and video streaming. It’s fair to say that Lovefilm’s key metrics are completely gazumped by Netflix’ numbers, its US competitor: 1.6m European subscribers (Lovefilm) vs.19.7m US subscribers (Netflix). But even a successful business like Netflix is not […]

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Open data: it’s beautiful!

One of the things I love about the web is the ease and the speed with which it creates transparency and the way it forces institutions to open up and share. A great example is WikiLeaks where the recent release of secret cables from US diplomats caused a massive media and diplomatic storm. It draws […]

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What is HTML5 all about?

Last night I suddenly realised that I didn’t really know what “HTML5” was. I wasn’t devastated about it but I did feel it would be a good reason to learn a thing or two about HTML and HTML5. The story starts with Tim Berners-Lee inventing the World Wide Web in the early 1990s and subsequently […]

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£100bn: The UK online economy is getting there

Yesterday I learned that the online economy in the UK is now worth £100 billion. This figure is the key outcome of a survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (commissioned by Google). The report shows that nearly 60 per cent of the UK online economy is driven by ‘consumption’, which consists of 2 different […]