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LinkedIn Apply: going for a job has just gotten easier

A few months ago I learned about LinkedIn launching some really useful new tools, as part of its mission to become a business-critical tool. Yesterday, LinkedIn continued down this path by launching a button that lets users apply for jobs. The Apply with LinkedIn button makes it easy for people to apply for jobs. These are […]

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Finance is going social

This week wasn’t only about the IPO of LinkedIn and people fearing another dotcom bubble. It was also about Derwent Capital getting the green light for its social media based hedge fund from the FSA, the regulator of financial services in the UK. A first of its kind, the fund will monitor threads on Twitter to feel […]

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Snaptu gets snapped up by Facebook

Last Sunday, London based mobile developer Snaptu confirmed that it had been acquired by Facebook in a $60-$70m deal. Looking into this, I learned that this move is all about Facebook wanting to expand its presence and usage across a number of mobile platforms. Snaptu specialises in online solutions for mobile phones (particularly for “feature” […]

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Becoming a business-critical tool: LinkedIn’s next steps

It has been quite a week for LinkedIn. First it introduced two cool innovations as a result from their monthly developer ‘hackdays’ and it then announced an IPO, to take place later this year. To start off with the innovative part; I learned about “InMaps” and “Swarm”, two interactive ideas that aim to do more […]

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HoverMe adds social context to the people you follow

I’m pretty sure there must be quite a few people out there who find it a pain to have to look at other people’s profiles in a separate places like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Wouldn’t it be neat if there was a functionality to connect the various social profiles of each individual user? HoverMe is […]