LinkedIn Apply: going for a job has just gotten easier

A few months ago I learned about LinkedIn launching some really useful new tools, as part of its mission to become a business-critical tool. Yesterday, LinkedIn continued down this path by launching a button that lets users apply for jobs.

The Apply with LinkedIn button makes it easy for people to apply for jobs. These are the key steps involved:

  1. Companies embed the button on their websites – Like the Twitter “tweet” button or the Facebook “Like” button, companies can quite easily embed the LinkedIn “Apply” button on their sites.
  2. Submit your LinkedIn profile – With this button you’ll no longer need to submit a cover letter or a resume,  just your LinkedIn profile will suffice.
  3. Interact with your connections – Once you’ve submitted your job application through the “Apply with LinkedIn” button, you can message your contacts at the company in question and ask for a referral.
  4. Help with referrals – In case you don’t have any contacts at the respective company, LinkedIn will show the people that you do know and who can introduce you at somebody at the company.
  5. Keep track of your job applications – All your “Apply with LinkedIn” submissions will be saved so that you have a record of all the jobs you’ve applied for through LinkedIn.

The “Apply with LinkedIn” button looks like it will make life easier for both job applicants and for companies hiring. The tool will help businesses in screening candidates and it seems to be an easy one to integrate and customise. Netflix, Tripit and Photobucket are the first companies that will be using the button.

Job applicants should be feeling pleased too. Forget about constantly having to update your CV, the “Apply with LinkedIn” button will enable you to preview and update your profile in real-time. In addition, applicants can now personalise their submissions by adding personal contacts they know at a company.

Main learning point: since its IPO last May, LinkedIn has been on a bit of a roll in releasing valuable products and features. The new “Apply with LinkedIn” button is another good example of a compelling feature that promises to deliver value to both job applicants and companies looking to hire. It might take time but I can see a tool like “Apply with LinkedIn” eventually replacing the classic CV; it’s easy to use and applicants will be able to personalise their submissions.

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