HoverMe adds social context to the people you follow

I’m pretty sure there must be quite a few people out there who find it a pain to have to look at other people’s profiles in a separate places like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Wouldn’t it be neat if there was a functionality to connect the various social profiles of each individual user?

HoverMe is a new browser add-on that enables users to see the social web profile of their friends, simply by hovering over the name of the person in your Twitter feed. The HoverMe profile provides links links to the person’s other profiles on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Delicious.

There’s one aspect of However that stands out for me:

  1. It’s all about “contextual social information” – HoverMe adds contextual social information about who you follow. Users will be able to get a much more ‘rounded picture‘ by seeing their friends‘ info and activities through a range of different social profiles.

I feel that this is very strong feature of HoverMe, it makes it very easy to jump straight into someone’s profiles on a whole host of sites. However, there are some limitations to the current version of HoverMe which I hope will be addressed in the forseeable future; it only works in (the latest version) of Twitter and not in any of the other key sites such as Facebook or Delicious.

Main learning point: HoverMe is a very useful browser plug-in that will provide user with a lot of context and additional information about the people they are following on Twitter. Having only launched last week, I really hope that HoverMe will eventually also become available in popular sites such as Facebook and Delicious.

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