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Do you have Klout?

What is the appeal of Klout, a service which provides social media analytics that measures a user’s influence across their social network? The Klout Score uses data from a user’s social networks like Twitter and Facebook in order to measure: True Reach – This measures the number of people you influence. It concentrates on the people who […]

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How robust will Netflix’ business model turn out to be? – Part 2

Back in February, I asked the question about the (long-term) sustainability of Netflix’ business model and I guess that some major events in Netflix’ life over the past week have provided some useful insights into answering that question: Splitting the company in two – On the Netflix blog, Netfox CEO Reed Hastings last week announced the […]

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Facebook’s new music platform – what will happen tomorrow?

Interesting times for online music. A few months ago I wrote about the likes of Rdio and 7digital, where I work, stepping in to offer serious competition to iTunes. A few months later, in July, Spotify launched in the US and the picture of online music looked complete. It now turns out that this observation was way […]

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Google+: will it reignite Google’s battle with Facebook?

The game is on (again): Google is seriously trying to take on Facebook by launching Google+,  its own social media network. The question rises whether Google will be successful in its latest attempt to beat Facebook on its own turf. I started thinking about answering this question by reviewing Google’s previous (unsuccessful) attempts to overtake […]

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Finance is going social

This week wasn’t only about the IPO of LinkedIn and people fearing another dotcom bubble. It was also about Derwent Capital getting the green light for its social media based hedge fund from the FSA, the regulator of financial services in the UK. A first of its kind, the fund will monitor threads on Twitter to feel […]