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Why we need a PRODUCT retrospective

Any self respecting developer or product person will be doing team retrospectives on a regular basis. These retrospectives provide a great opportunity to reflect on past releases, build team dynamics and identify any areas which could be improved. However, I’ve found product retrospectives to be a lot less common. Let me first explain what I […]

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Book review: “Collaboration Explained”

The book “Collaboration Explained” by Jean Tabaka was published in 2006 and had been on my ‘books to read’ list for quite a while before I finally got my hands on it. Jean Tabaka specialises in Agile software development and has worked closely with a host of businesses and teams to implement Agile methodologies. In “Collaboration […]

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Discovering more about social collaboration software

Recently I found myself looking into the world of ‘enterprise collaboration’ tools. The key thing I love about such applications is the amount of transparency they offer. Suddenly, discussions, thoughts, suggestions and documents become a lot more visible and accessible. In a previous role I had worked a lot with tools like Jive and Basecamp and I’ve recently been […]