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Product review: Clockwise

My summary of Clockwise before using it? I expect a product that helps me manage my calendar and my tasks. How does Clockwise explain itself in the first minute? “Escape the cha0s of work and find your focus with Clockwise” reads the main strap-line on I then read that Clockwise is a smart calendar […]

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How To Be Strategic (book review)

Reading the great recommendation by Richard Rumelt – author of “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy” – encouraged me to pick up “How To Be Strategic”. This book came out in October last year, written by Fred Pelard, who specialises in strategic thinking and works with a range of business on their strategies. In “How To Be […]

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Product review: Faire

My summary of Faire before using it? I think Faire is a marketplace not too dissimilar to eBay, Depop or Etsy. The biggest difference being that Fairy is a B2B marketplace, so I expect more of a focus on wholesale and product categories geared towards businesses. How does Faire explain itself in the first minute? […]

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My product management toolkit (42): Integrative Thinking

Plenty of books and blog posts have been written about decision making. How does one make a decision? How do you know you’ve made the right decision? I recently read “Creating Great Choices” by Jennifer Riel and Roger Martin which inspired me to write this toolkit post. If you think about it, traditional decision making […]

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Product review: fashion rental

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I wonder whether fashion rental services will recover anytime soon. The likes of Rent the Runway, My Wardrobe HQ and HURR specialise in servicing those customers that don’t want to buy an outfit for irregular occasions like weddings or gala dinners, so-called ‘buy-once wear-once’ events. Now that these special occasions […]