Bard (Product Review)

My summary of Bard before using it – Bard is Google’s answer to Open AI’s Chat GpT.

How does Bard explain itself in the first minute? – The invite to try out Bard describes it as “your creative and helpful collaborator, here to supercharge your imagination, boost your productivity, and bring your ideas to life.”

Image Credit: screenshot

I click on the call to action in the invite email, I’m directed to Bard. The first thing I see is a popup that highlights the experimental nature of Bard:

Image Credit: screenshot

Image Credit: screenshot

How does Bard work? – Bard feels and operates similar to Chat GpT. Was it even trained on the same data set?!

Image Credit: screenshot

The top right hand corner of the interface offers the option to “View other drafts”:

Image Credit: screenshot

Each draft provides a slight different answer, but based on the same information. I like that I can ask for another response to my question, which I can then view in different drafts. Struggling to compare the different drafts at a glance: Alternatively, I can Google an alternative response 🙂

Image Credit
: screenshot

Main learning point: I haven’t done a like for like comparison between Chat GpT-4, Bing AI and Bard. Such a comparison would take into account aspects such as factual accuracy, relevance of responses and the coverage of the dataset used. Instead, I just had a play with Bard, getting a feel for its usability. The ability to view alternative drafts and ask Bard for alternative responses resonated the most, as I think this capability will help improve the relevance of the data and responses generated by AI.

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