BeReal (Product Review)

My summary of BeReal before using it – A very popular social media app, probably targeting the same audience as TikTok.

How does BeReal explain itself in the first minute? – “bereal. your friends for real” is what I see when I search for BeReal on the app store. These are the main features that are mentioned in the app store:

  • One notification sent to everyone
  • 2 minutes to share what you’re up to
  • All your friends post at the same time
  • Comment and react with RealMojis
  • Keep your friends all day with you
  • Go back in time with your Memories
Image Credit: Screenshot

What happens next? I see a number of introductory screens that quickly explain how BeReal works: users have max. 2 minutes to record a snapshot of what they’re doing, with your friends sharing their snapshots at exactly the same time.

Image Credit: Screenshot
Image Credit: Screenshot
Image Credit: Screenshot
Image Credit: Screenshot

Onboarding on BeReal is straightforward and as you would expect. At the end of the onboarding process, there’s a screen urging me to allow notifications as “the only way to know when to post a BeReal!”

Image Credit: Screenshot
Image Credit: Screenshot

The next step is for me to create my first post. Only when I start posting can I see my friends’ post on my BeReal discovery feed.

To create my first post, I need to give the app needs access to my smartphone cameras. There’s a two minute timer during which I need to take the picture and share. I can choose between sharing my post via the global feed or with my friends only. I also have the choice of including my geolocation as part of my post and I can add a caption once the post is live.

Main learning: Have to admit, I was definitely thrown by the ‘immediate’ and unfiltered nature of BeReal!

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