(Product Review)

My summary of before using it? A design friend of mine recently referred to the likes of, Linear and Vev as “great examples of modern software”, referring to the simplicity and intuitiveness of these products. Intrigued, I decided to check out, expecting a service around copywriting.

How does explain itself in the first minute? When I go to the main strap-line reads “Say ‘goodbye’ to the blank page for good.”

When I scroll down I see concrete solutions that has to offer: copywriting from blog writers, for social media managers and email marketers. I’m unsure what’s claims about writing blogs faster or creating more engaging emails are based on.

How does work? There’s mention of an ‘AI content generator’ which sparks my interest. When I go to the tools section of the, there are a number of free AI copywriting generators. For example, offers a Content Idea Generator; the free version of which lets users enter details about their niche and a topic they want to cover. By clicking “Create Copy” the content idea generator is triggered.

Getting started on – Onboarding is quick and easy, using my Gmail account and answering three basic questions:

After onboarding, I start my free trial of through its dashboard. I love how clean and simple it looks at a first glance, it’s clearly designed to get me to create copy as quickly and as easily as possible.

The first thing I do in my dashboard is to generate some new content suggestions, based on my “Industry / Niche”.

A number of content ideas are generated, which I can then start writing about in the right hand pane of the dashboard, which feels like a standard blog editing tool.

Main learning point: did deliver on my expectations: copy-writing software that feels simple and easy to use. Onboarding was quick and to the point.’s AI based tools have been designed to support users with writing content, providing copy suggestions relevant to a topic or industry. I only wonder whether refines these suggestions over time, based on content created by the user in question.

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