Clockwise (Product Review)

My summary of Clockwise before using it? I expect a product that helps me manage my calendar and my tasks.

How does Clockwise explain itself in the first minute? “Escape the chaos of work and find your focus with Clockwise” reads the main strap-line on I then read that Clockwise is a smart calendar assistant, and there’s the promise that Clockwise will free up my time.

How does Clockwise work? When I click on the “Get started for free” call to action, I’m redirected to the Chrome Web Store from where I can add Clockwise calendar assistant to my Chrome web browser.

After agreeing for Clockwise to be added as a Chrome extension, my Google calendar appears and a pop-up message to confirm that Clockwise has been added. I’m a tad confused by the adjacent message which reads: “Please sign in yo Clockwise from your work calendar.” Am I not already signed in? I’m in my calendar, what do I do next?!

I’m sure I must be missing something blindingly obvious – but not to me 🙂 The user interface of the Clockwise calendar assistant doesn’t give me any clues either. Watching a brief explanatory video here to find out what to do next. It looks like there needs to be a sign-in button below or instead of the “hide extension” message. I don’t have this sign-in option despite having the Chrome extension installed, which seems to be the main prerequisite for connecting my Google Calendar to Clockwise. I reach out to Clockwise’s customer support team, and just have to wait to find out about the step I’ve missed. In the meantime, I check into the calendar linked to another Gmail account from where I do seem able to sign in.

However, after trying and Clockwise’s customer support team trying to help me with multiple workarounds, but to no avail. I fail in setting up Clockwise as a trusted application in Google’s admin panel.

Main learning point: I’m sure there’s a clear case of user error on my part at play here, failing to connect my calendar with Clockwise. However, the limited guidance from Clockwise leaves me feeling hanging, and unsure about what to do next (other than reaching out to Clockwise customer support).

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