Sojo (Product Review)

My summary of Sojo before using it? I believe Sojo is a app focused on sustainable clothing; helping people resell their clothes or repair them.

How does Sojo explain itself in the first minute? “Clothing alterations and repairs, made easy” is what it says on Sojo’s landing screen, followed by a “Get started!” button.

How does Sojo work? In Step 1, users select and order what alteration or repair they need done.

Once a user has made her selection, a rider will come and collect the clothing item.

After collection, the rider will deliver the item to a local seamster for altering or repairing.

Once your item has been altered or repaired, it will be delivered back to you.

After the explanatory onboarding screens, I sign up through a simple two-factor authentication process: a few fields to create and account, followed by an email sent to confirm my email address.

The actual process of selecting a seamstress and selecting an order or alteration feels very intuitive and transparent. What I found to be missing was some signposting about where Sojo seamsters are based. The good news is that the user is asked early in the process where they live, so at least there’s no risk of finding out at checkout that there are no Sojo seamsters in my area.

Main learning point: I really like the design of the Sojo app, it’s clarity and transparency. Whilst the seamsters coverage of the Sojo app is a work in progress, I can see the impact Sojo and similar apps will have on our ability to expand the lifespan of our clothing items.

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