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You don’t have to go out to enjoy a social DJ

A few weeks ago I learned about a great new service which combines social media principles with music. The idea behind this new site is simple: ‘social listening’, with users having shared experiences around music. has only been around for a month or so but has already picked up over 140,000 users which is […]

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7digital improves its Android app and takes on mighty iTunes

7digital is stepping up to compete with iTunes by updating its Android app to include an in-app music download store along with acting as the default Android phone music player. The past couple of weeks I’ve been learning a lot about innovative music businesses venturing into new partnerships and trying to make the most of […]

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From music discovery to music sharing

Tools like Shazam and Soundhound are great for discovering music. Call me geeky, but I do enjoy sitting in a coffeeshop finding out through using my phone what song is playing in the  background. Now that music search and discovery seem to have been nailed, the likes of Shazam and Soundhound have started exploring new […]

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Rdio creates API and launches affiliate program

It all seems to be happening in the world of online music services; in January I blogged about the linkup between music stream service Spotify and mobile music discovery service Shazam and last week I learned about on-demand social music service Rdio opening its API to developers and starting an affiliate program. Rdio is the […]

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Spotify and Shazam hook up: logical like ABC

What do you get when you combine a highly successful mobile music discovery service (Shazam) with an equally acclaimed music stream service (Spotify)? A “Play in Spotify” feature in Shazam that links directly to Spotify. How does it work? Use Shazam to discover music – With a Shazam app on your Android, Blackberry or iPhone […]