Spotify and Shazam hook up: logical like ABC

What do you get when you combine a highly successful mobile music discovery service (Shazam) with an equally acclaimed music stream service (Spotify)? A “Play in Spotify” feature in Shazam that links directly to Spotify.

How does it work?

  1. Use Shazam to discover music – With a Shazam app on your Android, Blackberry or iPhone you can recognise a track.
  2. Direct link to Spotify – With this new “Play in Spotify” feature, Shazam will take you directly Spotify where you can listen to the track in full.
  3. Hold on, you’ve got to be a Spotify Premium subscriber – The direct linkage will only work for those users who pay for Spotify Premium access.

Main learning point: this is a very logical tie-up between two fast growing companies targeting the same audience. Speaking of a win-win situation definitely sounds far fetched in this situation; Shazam has about 100m registered users, interested in recognising and discovering new music and Spotify currently boasts more than 10m users who use its music listening services. Enough said.

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