Run The World (Product Review)

My summary of Run The World before using it? I expect a platform which makes it easy for people to run events virtually, similar to Hopin and Eventbrite.

How does Run The World explain itself in the first minute? The first thing I see when I go to the Run The World site is a strap-line which says “Fire up your virtual events”, followed by “Organize interactive events for groups to learn and socialize.” At this point, I can already create a free event to host or take a video tour first.

When I scroll down on the Run The World homepage, I see that are three different ways to run the world: hosting a happy hour, hosting a talk or hosting a conference. Also, there’s a section with social proof of those people that have used Run The World previously to host an event.

How does Run The World work? Watching the explanatory video on the Run The World homepage, it feels easy to create and host an event. In addition, the the platform makes a big deal of offering social features like a “groupfie”, where you can take and share a selfie from all the people in your room.

Run The World’s pricing plan ranges from “Free” to “Conference”, with ‘number of attendees’ and ‘sessions per event’ acting as the main pricing levers. Naturally, the number of features and level of customisation increases per subscription level. For instance, the ability to get attendee insights is a key one for those event organisers who wish to grow their attendee base and iterate on the quality of their events.

Main learning point: Forget about running your events through a Zoom call, products like Run The World now offer a usable and feasible way to run events at scale, and fully engage with your event attendees.

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