Compose AI (Product Review)

My summary of Compose AI before using it? I’ve heard that Compose AI is a good tool to help people compose their email, saving time in the process.

How does Compose AI explain itself in the first minute? The strap-line on the Compose AI website reads “Write Faster With AI, Save Time”.

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When I sign up to join the waitlist for Compose AI, I get access to a Notion page which contains onboarding information, getting people set up and using the tool.

How does Compose AI work? The first thing I need to do to get Compose AI to work is to disable “Writing suggestions” in Gmail. The next step is to go to the Google Chrome Web Store here and add the Compose AI to my browser.

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The product tour that Compose AI offers feels very intuitive; a few key steps and related instructions to get me started. I get a sense of the functionality – e.g. suggested phrases to insert in an email – and can already see the benefit of using the product.

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Did Compose AI deliver on my expectations? Yes, composing basic emails definitely feels easier with Compose AI’s predictive and sentence completion technology. Not sure just yet how it will save me time and effort on writing more ‘complex’ or longer emails.

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Main learning point: Compose AI feels easy to get started with, like their onboarding. It definitely does what it says on the tin; predicting the next word and completing sentence to saving time and effort when crafting emails.

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