YunoJuno (Product Review)

Having looked at a range of marketplaces, most recently in the events space, I widened my search and came across YunoJuno. YunoJuno is an online marketplace which describes itself as “an all-in-one platform to find, book and manage the best freelancers in town.” I’m keen to understand how YunoJuno is different from a standard job site.

My quick summary before using the app – I expect something similar to “Odesk” (now Upwork) which is a well-known site for finding freelance developers. Whether I’m an employer or a freelancer, it ought be straightforward to find either people or jobs.

How does YunoJuno explain itself in the first minute? – At first glance it becomes clear that YunoJuno’s main mission is to connect the best freelancers with employers looking for high quality people. It made me wonder whether the platform focuses on specific skills and experience levels or whether it’s a one-stop shop for a wide variety of roles, disciplines and experience levels.

Getting started, what’s the process like (1) – I’m on YunoJuno’s iOS app and decide to join YunoJuno as a freelancer. I click on “join as a freelancer” (see Fig. 1) and am presented with short sign up form (see Fig. 2). I’m disappointed to see that “product management” – my discipline – isn’t in the dropdown list. Although I appreciate that product management probably isn’t as established a contractor discipline as project management or photography, I’m still worried about employers finding my profile now that I’ve had to selected “Other” as my discipline. I feel that these concerns are justified when I then then log in to YunoJuno on my desktop to edit my profile to see that “Designer” is listed as my discipline … (see Fig. 3).

Image Credit: screenshot

Fig. 1 – Screenshot of the landing screen of the YunoJuno iOS app

Image Credit: screenshot

Fig. 2 – Screenshot of the freelancer signup form on the YunoJuno iOS app

Image Credit: screenshot

Fig. 3 – Screenshot of my profile page on desktop

The remainder of the process feels very straightforward; from uploading my image to highlighting my key strengths. For some reason I seem to have missed completing my recent employment history so despite thinking I’m ready submit my application, I’m gently reminded that I still need to put in my work history (see Fig. 3).

Image Credit: screenshot

Fig. 4 – Reminder to complete my work history in order to submit my application

Getting started, what’s the process like (2)  As part of outlining my work history, I need to put in my 3 most recent jobs and put in referees for those jobs. This doesn’t feel an unreasonable request, but I do wonder whether my referees need to say how brilliant I am before I get accepted by YunoJuno!

What are the criteria for getting accepted by YunoJuno? When will I be able to see jobs or be contacted by employers? At this stage of the on boarding process I’m not clear about the process, and I would benefit from a better understanding about next steps. I can also imagine that some applicants might be hesitant to submit the names of a referee for a job that they’re still in (if they’re looking for their next gig). Not knowing how to best go about this, I decide to pause my application for now.

Image Credit: screenshot

Fig. 5 – Screenshot of referee info on YunoJuno

How does YunoJuno compare to similar services?  YunoJuno feels very similar to the aforementioned Upwork, since both have a clear focus on making it easy as possible to find jobs as a freelancer. I could be wrong, but my perception is that the threshold for freelancers getting on the Upwork platform is lower than YunoJuno.

I was very delighted to see “product management” as a filter within Upwork. Disappointingly though, “Product Management Professionals & Consultants”(see Fig. 6) seemed to be exclusively populated by freelance developers.

Image Credit: screenshot

Fig. 6 – Screenshot of freelancers in the “product management” category

From looking at other YunoJuno competitors, it was Toptal that felt the most similar to YunoJuno, as Toptal only offers experienced freelancers. The Toptal homepage states that it has the “top 3% of freelance talent” on its platform. The main difference with YunoJuno, however, is that it only focuses on developers and designers (see Fig. 7).

Image Credit: screenshot

Fig. 7 – Screenshot of Toptal signup form

Did the app deliver on my expectations? – As I didn’t complete the application process its hard to say whether YunoJuno delivered on all my expectations, as I didn’t see any freelance jobs to explore. However, YunoJuno is a well designed responsive app and an experience that felt simple, but one that could benefit from more clarity about some of the steps involved.

One response to “YunoJuno (Product Review)”

  1. Hi Marc, thanks for the write up. I thought I’d reply in person to answer some of your specific points – I’m one of the founders of YJ, and run the product team. First off, yes, you’re right, PM isn’t a specific ‘discipline’ within YJ… yet. As a two-sided marketplace we have to manage supply and demand carefully, and so we bring on new disciplines over time. As demand rises for a specific skill, and we have enough nascent supply to fill that demand, we open the gates. So thank you for joining – that’s a +1 for product management as a discrete discipline.

    Second – again as you have noted, we are a restricted / private network – not everyone can join, and so we are much more like TopTal than Upwork.

    I won’t go into full sales mode here – suffice to say that we do listen to both our clients (employers) and our freelance network – so all feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for the post.

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