Vestiaire Collective (Product Review)

My summary of Vestiaire Collective before using it? I think Vestiaire Collective (‘Vestiaire’) to be a marketplace for fashion. Similar to Poshmark, I expect Vestiaire to focus on high-end fashion. Not sure whether it’s just boutiques selling on Vestiaire or whether consumers can sell to other consumers through the platform.

How does Vestiaire explain itself in the first minute? 

From an onboarding perspective, I’m wondered why Vestiaire doesn’t tell me about its offering, its proposition or its value. Instead, I need to sign up first, provide my personal details and indicate my favourite category, womenswear or menswear. Again, wondering why Vestiaire doesn’t make more of the onboarding process, using it to learn more about as a customer, my fashion preferences, etc.

It’s hard to tell what Vestiaire is about from my second interaction with Vestiaire after signing up; a standard notification to stay alerted greets once I’ve downloaded the Vestiaire app, followed by a standard notifications popup.

Once I’ve consented to receive Vestiaire’s push notifications, another message pops up:

How does Vestiaire work? From using the app more, it becomes clear very quickly that Vestiaire is very much a customer-to-customer platform, offering a products by a wide range of individual sellers as well as professional sellers.

I like how I can shop by style and that the Vestiaire app has a newsfeed. At the same time, I’m disappointed by the apparent lack of personalisation; my newsfeed only offers womenswear products (despite me clearly indicating a preference for menswear as part of Vestiaire’s onboarding journey).

Similarly, the homepage predominantly displays womenswear products, and I wonder again why Vestiaire’s store front isn’t more personalised and why I need to filter and sort first to get to results which feel more relevant. The good news, however, is that I can create alerts based on my preferences / filters and indicate how I’d like to be notified.

Main learning point: After using the Vestiaire app and buying products through it, I totally understand Vestiaire’s mission and its proposition. However, I do feel the app currently misses out from an onboarding perspective – learning about the customer early and often. Because the app doesn’t work as hard it could in terms of customer learning, the app and the products offered on there don’t feel as personalised or relevant as they could in my opinion.

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