Cadillac and the promise of its new infotainment system

Not that I ever would be able to afford one (or be able to properly reverse park it), I got very excited about driving a Cadillac this week. Not because of its great looks, slick interior or amazing rims, but purely since Cadillac just announced Cadillac User Experience (CUE).

These are the main things worth looking out for in CUE:

  1. Voice recognition – Using technology developed by Nuance  who are also behind the Siri voice recognition of the new iPhone 4s, enabling users to interact with their phone and car stereo without ever having to take their eyes off the road.
  2. Backed by Linux and ARM – CUE is based on a Linux operating system and a chip by ARM who seem the chip processor of choice for most smartphones these days.
  3. Connected applications – Utilising the technical setup as mentioned in the previous point, many types of connected applications like those on mobile phones will be integrated into CUE to some degree. For example, CUE will be able to read out text messages sent to the driver and it will enable the useof Internet radio and other online services through its system.
  4. Give drivers a choice –  In addition to its work on the back-end operating system, Cadillac is looking to redo the instrument panel of its cars by giving drivers more choice in what they see. They can make it look like today’s cars or can customise it with any number of features to give them just the information they seek.

Main learning point: it will be interesting to see how Cadillac will go about implementing CUE in its cars and to find how drivers will adapt to the new touch screen, voice recognition and interconnecting technologies that come with this new system. I can easily see myself peaking through the shop window of a Cadillac dealership in the future, trying to catch a glimpse of CUE in action!

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