Facebook is going to do it: real-time targeted ads

Yesterday I learned about Facebook looking into rolling out targeted ads, aiming to utilise the vast amounts of real-time user information it has access to. I have to say, it is quite a scary prospect to think of Facebook monetising user data (think “Likes” and specific detailed demographic data):

  1. Real-time ads could be massive – Analysts say this move could make Facebook one of the most powerful marketing tools created EVER.
  2. How will the real-time element work? It will be interesting to see exactly what real time information Facebook’s new software will pick up and how this will be converted into (commercially) meaningful targeted ads.

Main learning point: I need to find out more about this! Surely, Facebook must already be doing a lot of stuff in the area of behavioural targeting, making the best use of the wealth of consumer data at its disposal. There will be lots more to learn about the kind of demographic data Facebook will be targeting and the ways in which it will convert this info into meaningful marketing insights for its blue-chip clients.

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