Pragma (Product Review)

My summary of Pragma before using it? I’ve heard that Pragma is a platform used by developers to create games. I can imagine that Pragma supports makers of a wide variety of games.

How does Pragma explain itself in the first minute? “Build and scale games faster, simpler, and more reliably” is how Pragma explains itself in the first minute. It goes on to explain how the Pragma platform “supports cross platform accounts, game loop, matchmaking, player data, metrics, and more.”

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How does Pragma work? Pragma is a backend game engine which can be used to power multiplayer and social games. The engine consists of seven distinct features:

  • Accounts – Creating and managing cross-platform accounts to connect players.
  • Game loop – Through Pragma, game creators can create and manage the ‘loop’ of a game; a chain of actions that is repeated over and over. A game loop forms the core experience for the player of a game. Through Pragma you can manage, for example, the lobby of a game and processing at the end of a game.
  • Social – Pragma’s social features enable game creators to communicate with friends, compete on leaderboards, view achievements, etc.
  • Player and game data – This functionality enables game players to store, save, and update accounts, game progress and related data.
  • Live operations – Enabling Pragma users to launch new features at scale. The platform provides functionality like real-time monitoring and a deployment toolchain.
  • Store integration – Think about integration with game stores like Epic Games and Ubisoft Store. This includes capabilities like payment provider integration and in-game purchase fulfilment.
  • Telemetry – Given how data driven most games are, Pragma handles the data pipeline of a game to support any real-time data informed decisions.
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Main learning point: Game studios like Lightforge and Frost Giant use Pragma’s platform to roll out and operate games at scale. For these studios, the biggest benefit is that they can focus fully on creating new games whilst Pragma handles the performance and operational aspects of game management.

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