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Setting the record straight through ICorrect

“Setting the record straight” is what promises to do. This site was officially launched earlier this week to give people and organisations a chance to correct any information about themselves that they believe to be untrue. Sir David Tang, the founder of ICorrect, believes that 99% of what’s written on the Internet is based on […]

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Quora: making Q&A incredibly popular

Today I learned about Quora. Quora is an online Q&A service which launched publicly in June 2010, and provides a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited and organised by its (expert) users. I had heard lots of people raving about it, so I just wanted to see for myself whether it was […]

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£100bn: The UK online economy is getting there

Yesterday I learned that the online economy in the UK is now worth £100 billion. This figure is the key outcome of a survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (commissioned by Google). The report shows that nearly 60 per cent of the UK online economy is driven by ‘consumption’, which consists of 2 different […]