Slicing and dicing your online receipts

Do you know that feeling when you have gone a bit crazy buying things online!? Not knowing what to do with all the receipts, delivery emails etc.? If these kinds of experiences sound familiar, Slice might be able to help you out (if you’re in the US that is – Slice is currently only available in beta in the States):

  1. Link your email inbox to Slice – Users can link their inbox to Slice and all your purchase notifications will automatically be picked up by Slice.
  2. Track your purchases – Once you’ve linked your inbox to Slice, it will processes the shopping-related emails in your inbox (e.g. order confirmations and shipping notifications) after which you can start tracking your purchases through Slice.
  3. Manage your purchases – I guess that the main selling point for Slice is that it allows you to keep a visual history of all your online purchases. I haven’t yet had a chance to test, but I can imagine that the ability to ‘slice and dice’ your receipts and order information (e.g. by date, item or status) will be very helpful to a lot of consumers.
Main learning point: I can see the potential of an online receipt aggregator and organiser like Slice. It will no doubt improve consumers’ experience of buying and tracking products or services online, and I can imagine that the underlying technology and logic that Slice uses will be of interest to large online retailers. Especially with the recent launch of its iPhone app, I can see Slice but also its competitors Lemon, Shoeboxed, Expensify and KEEBO (which also lets you scan in your physical receipts) doing really well in this marketplace. Not only will be the question be around the number of consumers subscribing to Slice and similar services but also around any of the established online retailers getting interested in the underlying logic used by these online receipt aggregators.

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