Rdio partners with Echo Nest and shows it’s serious about things

Last March I learned about Rdio opening up its API and launching an affiliate programme. In a move to strengthen its proposition, Rdio has now announced a partnership with music analytics and recommendation service Echo Nest. The partnership will allow developers to add music recommendations from Echo Nest to their apps and then actually play the music using streams from Rdio.

The Echo Nest is a music intelligence service which develops bespoke applications for customers like the BBC and MTV but also for independent app developers. It provides a platform that analyses music in various ways (e.g. similar artists or songs, beats or loudness).

MusicMaze is a good example of an app where the respective APIs from Rdio and Echo Nest have been combined pretty well; this webapp maps relationships between musicians (data powered by Echo Nest) as well as enables users to listen to related music (streaming powered by Rdio). Non-subscribers to Rdio will hear 30 second previews and Rdio subscribers will be able to listen to the full songs.

Main learning point: Rdio is clearly serious about making the most of its API and strengthening its affiliate subscription programme. Their latest partnership with Echo Nest seems very logical in this respect; it adds extra analytics capability to its offering, which may very well be of interest to the developer community. Time will tell I guess.

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