Use Greplin to search your online life!

I often wonder whether people manage to keep track of all their online communications. Do you remember whether you received a message from a friend via Facebook or through LinkedIn? Greplin intends to solve this problem. Its proposition is fairly straightforward: find all your personal data locked away in the cloud at lightning speed.

The process is fairly straightforward. I first signed up with Greplin and then signed in with Facebook and LinkedIn to start, allowing Greplin to index both. When I then ran a search query (using the Google-like search box), Greplin presented me with real-time results as I was typing. It’s a pretty easy way of finding public and private data that you have locked away on sites like Facebook, Twitter or Evernote.

Greplin only launched in beta about 1 month ago, but these are the reasons why I think it will be a great success:

  1. The range of platforms that it can index – Greplin enables searching of a wide popular platforms varying from Facebook to people’s Gmail accounts.
  2. It’s easy to use – Typical searches are likely to be of an ‘ad-hoc’ nature and Greplin facilitates this by providing a simple search process.
  3. Real-time results – Like Google Instant, Greplin offers you with real-time results whilst you’re typing in your search query.

Main learning point: Greplin is here to stay! Only in the second month of it’s launch in beta, it has already been oversubscribed. I can see why; Greplin offers users easy access to all the public and private data that are locked away in the various online networks they are part of.

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