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  • Horizon Workrooms (Product Review)

    Horizon Workrooms (Product Review)

    My summary of Horizon Workrooms before using it? – I won’t be able to use Horizon Workrooms as I believe this is a virtual meeting room product that I can only access through an Oculus wearable device. How does Horizon Workrooms explain itself in the first minute? – “Remote collaboration reimagined” reads the headline on […]

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  • My Product Management Toolkit (50): Systems Design

    My Product Management Toolkit (50): Systems Design

    A good few weeks ago I started learning about systems thinking. Thus far, I’ve learned that a system consists of parts that are interconnected. At its core, systems thinking is about identifying the different parts of a system and understanding the relationships between these parts. It’s funny that when you google “systems design” you get […]

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  • Compose AI (Product Review)

    Compose AI (Product Review)

    My summary of Compose AI before using it? I’ve heard that Compose AI is a good tool to help people compose their email, saving time in the process. How does Compose AI explain itself in the first minute? The strap-line on the Compose AI website reads “Write Faster With AI, Save Time”. When I sign […]

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  • “The IPO Playbook” (Book Review)

    “The IPO Playbook” (Book Review)

    Steve Cakebread is a CFO with a lot of experience in leading companies to Initial Public Offering (IPO). In his earlier career Cakebread worked at Autodesk, Silicon Graphics and Hewlett-Packard, after which he was involved in three successful IPOs, at Salesforce, Pandora and Yext respectively. In “The IPO Playbook” Cakebread shares his lessons learned and […]

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  • My Product Management Toolkit (49): Systems Thinking tools & techniques

    My Product Management Toolkit (49): Systems Thinking tools & techniques

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Systems Thinking discipline. My main learning point about Systems Thinking was the interconnectedness of the parts that make up a system. Understanding the different parts and how they interact with each other is critical in developing a full understanding of the problem or opportunity to tackle. […]

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  • Shop Pay (Product Review)

    Shop Pay (Product Review)

    My summary of Shop Pay before using it? Shopify’s new proprietary payment method. How does Shop Pay explain itself in the first minute? If I go to the Shop Pay website the first thing that I notice is that the site doesn’t mention Shop Pay. Instead, it talks about “Shop”: “Set up Shop and turn […]

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