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  • Yellow AI (Product Review)

    Yellow AI (Product Review)

    My summary of Yellow AI before using it – I believe Yellow AI offers a machine learning model that underpins chatbot conversations. Not sure yet about the use cases are for this machine learning model. In the interests of full disclosure, I work at Intercom where we enable our customers to engage effectively and satisfactorily […]

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  • “When They Win, You Win” (Book Review)

    “When They Win, You Win” (Book Review)

    Russ Laraway is a military commander turned people leader, currently working as Chief People Officer at Goodwater Capital. I recently heard Laraway talk about his first book “When They Win, You Win” on Jason Knight’s great “One Knight in Product” podcast and it prompted me to read Laraway’s book. Laraway’s frustration with a lack of […]

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  • Scenery (Product Review)

    Scenery (Product Review)

    My summary of Scenery before using it – Listening to an episode of the Greymatter podcast, I heard Maya Frai at Greylock Partners describe Scenery as a product that “is bringing much-needed disruption to video editing tools through a collaborative platform.” I therefore expect a tool that makes it easy to collaborate around video, similar […]

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  • “KPI Checklists” (Book Review)

    “KPI Checklists” (Book Review)

    How do you measure the performance of your business unit or product? How do you know that you’re measuring the right thing? How do the different metrics that you measure ladder up? These are just some of the questions that we need to grapple with to ensure that our efforts are making an impact, and […]

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  • My Product Management Toolkit (54): Making Decisions – Part 2

    My Product Management Toolkit (54): Making Decisions – Part 2

    Last September, I wrote my first post about decision-making. Being able to make informed decisions should be part of every product manager’s toolkit. In my earlier post I wrote about decision-making techniques such as Type 1 and Type 2 Decisions, Decision-Making Guardrails and S.P.A.D.E. Techniques like these help us gain confidence in the evaluating available […]

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  • What do ‘no code’ platforms have in common?

    What do ‘no code’ platforms have in common?

    So-called ‘no code’ platforms are on the rise, making it easier for people to build their own website or ecommerce store. But what exactly does it mean if a product is no code? What is the difference between ‘no’ and ‘low’ code? No code platforms are aimed at people without a technical background who want […]

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