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Book review: “Requirements by collaboration”

I guess I’m not alone when I say that a large number of the workshops that I’ve facilitated in the past have been based on gut feel and some sort of practical, logical approach to getting the desired outcomes. It was therefore good to read “Requirements by collaboration”. Agile¬†practitioner Ellen Gottesdiener published this book in […]

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Learning about creating a good product vision

Over the past few weeks I have been learning a lot about ‘product vision’, creating a mission statement for a product or an overarching vision for a product portfolio. It made me wonder. Is a product vision always a future, pie-in-the-sky idea of where one expects a product to be? Are you allowed to make […]

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Learning from Ken Judy about instilling Agile values

The other day I listened to a podcast with Ken Judy¬†about Agile, incremental product development. As a VP of Engineering at US publisher Simon and Schuster, it was interesting to hear him talking about him and his team instilling a culture of iterative development within the business. I then found a draft for a talk […]